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Karuna Reiki is a physical therapy, introduced by William Rand. The word Karuna means compassionate action. The word is widely used in Buddhism and Hinduism. The word explains all the actions that are taken to vanish or eradicate the human suffering. Karuna is a physical activity practiced by people who are working to diminish the suffering of the mankind. It is believed that an unlimited and undefined amount of energy is transmitted to them which heals the mankind and provide them with all the guidance they want. You can be the receptor and the transmitter at the same time. It is observed that when you start practicing Karuna, it will start developing within yourself first. In this way you will start helping others as well as you will become a powerful receptor of the Karuna that is being sent to you by the enlightened ones.Karuna ReikiKaruna Reiki is a great healer that heals the energy and led you towards universal compassion. Being young and educated we all are compassionate but this compassion is mostly for our own selves. But today you can find such people who are more compassionate for others and are working to eliminate the sufferings of mankind.   Karuna shines those parts where we have hidden or thoughts of well being, criticism, loving and judgmental thoughts about ourselves and for the people of the world. It also helps us to defy our harmony with the Devine and increases the process of healing. In Reiki system Karuna is considered to be the jewel in the crown.Majority of us are unaware of this ancient healing therapy. Karuna Reiki originated in Tibet and was introduced in the mid of 1970’s in the western world. The treatment is beyond any human divisions. After it was introduced today this therapy is used worldwide in order to heal oneself and others on the basis of natural healing process. The term can be explained and understood on the terms and conditions of principles related to advance physics. Reiki is one of the most effective ancient therapies which are close to a natural treatment. Reiki has various functions that are noticeable and effective in every way.
1. It is a natural therapy used to get relief from stress and depression.
2. Therapy is used to improve your health.
3. It acts as an energy medication.
4. Increases the ability through the eyes of Devine.
There are special classes to learn Karuna Reiki. The Karuna lessons are quite easy for those who already had done
Reiki Master Training. The course comprises of two levels, two attunements, four master symbols and eight treatment symbols. These all lessons are being taught since 1994. This therapy is close to Usui Reiki, some students find Karuna Reiki more powerful energetic and effective. It ultimately brings the change with more definite feeling of energy. It makes you more grounded and force unintentionally you start working on spiritual and emotional levels. People who are lucky enough and have received their attunement reports enjoy the special enlightened beings during their practice. They learn special angles and guides instead of a normal Reiki course.Different types of symbols are used in Reiki. Every symbol has its own effect and purpose.

1. The very first symbol helps to resolve some past issues and help the client to prepare himself for a deep healing process. It resolves issues of cellular level and helps the client to release all the karma.
2. The second symbol demolish the negative patterns with in ones personality and helps to heal the shadow self made by the person himself.
3. Third symbol simply restore the balance and comes back with a new energy and motivation.
4. The forth symbol is the show time and is a proof that the treatment has ended. It brings the client back to its body.Karuna Reiki – The ConclusionAfter this the client has to undergo Karuna II symbols which have some strong effects and contain more energy with more vibration and power. Karuna Reiki is a famous treatment worldwide these days. It is compatible to all the treatments in the world. the whole treatment is based on weekly exercise.
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