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Healing Magic of Diamond Water

There are two types of crystallised-programmed water; the first one is what is referred to as, ‘restructured water’ and the second is called, ‘diamond water’ – now, with diamond water, you’re gonna have to fasten your spiritual seatbelt – cause you’re going on a ride.As a hue-man being, you are naturally a water-bender – meaning you can control the elements you're made of. Scientists tell us that the earth is approximately  71% water and that's a conservative estimate because there are still deep underground rivers and oceans yet to be discovered. The average  person is made of 50-65% water and babies have the highest water content. Everything contains water and our bodies are designed to interface with the elements of the planet we live on.The most abundant element in the universe is hydrogen, which makes up about 3/4 of all matter Helium makes up most of the remaining 25%. Oxygen is the third most abundant element in the universe. All of the other elements are relatively rare. [H2O]'..The wave is not the water, the water merely told us about the wave moving by..' – R. B. Fuller

SO,'WATER' - WHAT IS IT?What is water? - it’s a bit like asking, ‘what is an elephant?’ and then giving someone an explanation based upon the elephant’s chemical constitution. Whilst the chemical makeup of an elephant might be riveting for some; it tells us nothing about the elephant’s character, intelligence or abilities. We have to observe the elephant’s behaviour either directly or indirectly to understand that the elephant has its own distinct language, responds to empathy and love, has an incredible memory and intelligence ,with the ability to learn new talks.'Everybody is a genius', said Einstein, 'but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.' - what Einstein said, is true of everything, whether a fish or a tree or a stone; each is a genius according to its medium and parameters...and water is the same.

Masaru Moto - THE WATER BENDERNot everyone is aware of Emoto and his water experiments so a quick heads-up and links at the end of the page. Emoto is a scientist who demonstrated that hue-man speech, thought and intention has the ability to change the molecular structure of water [hence, ‘restructured water’].During his experiments, Emoto observed that water crystals formed in frozen water following a short period of directed thought or intention towards the water. The water would respond to these words or thoughts by producing incredibly complex and beautiful crystals following positive words or thoughts; but when exposed to negative words and emotions - distorted, unattractive and incomplete crystals were formed. When we consider that the hue-man body is at least 50% water, we should be mindful that it is the water in our bodies which responds to affirmations. So there is good reason for sending loving thoughts to our bodies when we understand that water is a living, conscious entity – one of the messengers of the uni-verse [one song].Emoto also experimented on water using cooked rice in two different containers. On one container, he wrote negative words and on the other container, he wrote positive words. After 30 days the rice in the positive container had barely changed but the rice in the negative container had turned to rot. Other scientists have replicated Emoto’s experiments and found the same results repeated every time.

These are just some of the incredible crystals which formed after Emoto exposed water to solfeggio frequencies [healing musical tones]YOUR TAP WATER HAS BEEN TRAUMATISED & GIVEN CHEMOTHERAPY Water also responded to music, frequencies and vibration, leading to new understandings on how to ‘reconstruct water’ or program water for health and wellbeing. It was noted however, during these experiments that most people’s tap water is clinically dead due to the chemicals added to it [chemotherapy for water] and the trauma. Remember that water has memory so unless restructured; tap water contains the memories of thousands, if not millions of people – including memories of abuse, fear and disappointment, not to mention the waste products from industry and abatoirs. Emoto was unable to find any crystals in tap water, so was unable to program it unless crystallised water was added to it. That’s the magick of water, it has been demonstrated that any body of water can be resurrected by adding restructured water to it.

YOU CAN'T 'RESTRUCTURE' TAP WATER UNLESS YOU ADD RESTRUCTERED WATER TO ITEmoto found the purest sources of water came from streams which were not too close to cities; and the higher up the stream, the purer the water. Even bottled water can be in poor condition depending on its source but far better than drinking the lifeless liquid from the taps which is full of chemicals. Water which can form crystals [which is alive] can be reprogrammed to enhance its qualities [crystals] for specific tasks such as health, love and even wealth. There are a number of ways you can do this; some people write loving words, messages and desires on a bottle of water and leave it for a few hours or days. Others play Solfoggenic frequencies and binaural tones which enhances the water crystals. Others leave bottled water out in direct sunlight to be super charged by the sun’s rays or moon-light. There are lots of different methods which are all effective and worth exploring to find a method which suits you.You can also use crystals to restructure water: select several quartz crystals of any size and clean the crystals under running water. Pour some water [the purest you can find – which might be bottled water, [which is not ideal but nonetheless okay] into a glass bowl centrally in a circle [some people use 6 crystals and arrange them according to sacred geometry in a hexagon.]  Now visualise the crystals with healing energy, or whatever intention you desire – leave for several hours [even better if left in sunlight or moonlight] – and there you have it, restructured water [diamond water] The crystal in the container will keep the form of your water almost indefinitely.It’s also worth mentioning the dangers of fluoride and aluminium which are added to tap water [just two of the chemicals the water companies add.] The scientific research available is irrefutable that aluminium [metals] added to drinking water causes degenerative conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease. And fluoride was first used introduced in concentration camps during WW2 by Hitler as a way to seriously impair the thinking ability of the prisoners. Using a water filter can remove some of the metals and toxins from tap water but it’s still ‘dead water’ incapable of forming crystals – unless crystallised water is added to it.

 This is why it’s so important to eat plant-based food. When you eat meat, you also assimilate the life experiences of that animal and the trauma of its death which is contained in the cells. All the cells of a body communicate with each other and each contains the memories and experiences of the whole. This is how alternative medicine works, where you can work on an entirely different part of the body, as in acupuncture, in order to direct the flow of energy elsewhere. Plants contain the most sophisticated distilling equipment known to man [as long as they haven’t been treated with chemotherapy] – so you get the purest sources of water from eating them, which is why juicing is so healthful.This is why homeopathy works because it uses the memory of water. "The principle of dilutions or ‘law of minimum dose’ states that the lower the dose of the medication, the greater its effectiveness. In homeopathy, substances are diluted in a stepwise fashion and shaken vigorously between each dilution. This process, referred to as ‘potentization,’ is believed to transmit some form of information or energy from the original substance to the final diluted remedy. Most homeopathic remedies are so dilute that no molecules of the healing substance remain; however, in homeopathy, it is believed that the substance has left its imprint or "essence," which stimulates the body to heal itself [this theory is called the "memory of water”]http://nccam.nih.gov/health/homeopathy

'Empty your mind, be formless and shapeless - like water. When you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup; you put water into a bottle, it becomes the bottle; you put water in a tea-pot, it becomes the tea-pot. Water can flow or it can crash, be water my friend' - Bruce Lee.

DIAMOND WATERJoel Dücatillon wrote a book on diamond water and this is what he said:“...It is spring water which has had its vibrational rate accelerated; this allows it to access higher Life and Intelligence, making it available to respond to the user's intentions.    The technology used to transform this spring water uses the science of numbers as well as music, which is living geometry based on sound. The end result is an encoding device which permits the recording of multi-dimensional codes; these transform the spring water into a receiving medium which then captures higher energies.When you verbalise intentions to bring you relief, well-being or the resolution of your challenges, you can now record these intentions within the medium of Diamond Water. When swallowed, the Diamond Water associates your spoken intention directly with the corresponding memory of opposite polarity held in your subconscious [the body cells] The activity of the Diamond Water then elevates both the opposite poles concerned until they vibrate at a much higher frequency. This induces a neutralising energy which transforms and resolves these conflicting opposites.Diamond Water, which is represented by the number 999, brings human beings to a point where they can integrate the Third Level of Consciousness, known as "the Consciousness of the Tree of Life". This allows them to progressively release the Second Level of Consciousness, known as "the Consciousness of the Tree of Good and Evil". Here we are concerned with the Tree of Life with its twelve kinds of fruit, referred to in Revelations 22: 1-2. The twelve kinds of fruit are in fact the twelve chakras of man, finally re-activated by the integration of that Consciousness where opposing poles no longer confront each other, but rather complement each other producing a Third State at Point Zero. Man thus becomes that Place where the uninterrupted flow of light energy pours through a physical body which becomes an ever greater "supra-conductor".Diamond Water is feminine by nature and designed to receive impressions. It cannot be defined using masculine terms such as strength or efficiency but rather in terms of "loving and wise responses".The strength of this water resides in its response to the "sacred verbalisation of our intentions" [see ALCHEMY OF THE HUMAN SPIRIT by Kryon, French edition by Ariane, Quebec, p.266]. Diamond Water is virgin - nothing is recorded in it. Only when you vocalise your intentions through the heart - which purifies them - will you impress them upon this strongly responsive medium. The results will depend directly on what you imprint upon the Diamond Water medium and the degree of emotional charge behind it.Diamond Water's level of consciousness operates beyond the fourth dimension. In effect, positive - negative polarity does not exist at this level. If anyone attempts to measure this level of consciousness and its activity on a dowser's scale (or any other calibrated scale), the only thing measured will be positive or negative output resulting from the dualistic memories of the user, as re-transmitted by the Diamond Water.The best way of appreciating Diamond Water is to use it on yourself and verify your own results.

  • State your intentions out loud with firm conviction.
  • When fighting an uphill battle, it helps to repeat this process at least 4 times a day.
  • When applying Diamond Water externally to irritations or painful areas, for best results mix with a natural ointment after verbalising an intent and then apply.
  • You can use Diamond Water with the intent of improving relationships & your work life. 
  • Intentions for improved health, blossoming happiness, love and satisfaction are key necessities for the body; as it is the soul's instrument, the body needs and merits such attention.
  • You can issue the intent to cleanse and protect your subtle bodies from the psychic and emotional pollution which they are exposed to daily.
  • If you so desire, the harmful effects of alcohol and chemical ingredients will be very effectively neutralised.
  • Don't forget your domestic plants and animals. When you can, please pour some Diamond Water into springs, lakes, rivers, swimming pools, dolphinariums etc. The ocean benefits, even from small quantities, over time. Wherever whales and dolphins swim is important: they themselves have requested this help.
  • Feel free to innovate and live these experiences to the full - you will be the first to benefit.
  • Diamond Water is used in over 60 countries, individuals drink it, groups drink it; a hospital in Mexico uses it for the sick; there is Diamond Water in Turkey, in Taihiti, in Romania, in New Zealand, in Bulgaria, In Russia, in Japan, in China, in Africa, in Abidjan, in Cap Verde, in India, in Amazonia.
    Download free e-book here [Diamond water by Joel Dücatillon]  http://letinto.com/diamond_water_book.pd

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