Push The Moon- Qigong/Medical Qigong/Reiki/Yoga - Brian M. Dotson,  MQT, KRMT, RYT 200
Brian Gathering Qi  Not enough time in your life to energize purposefully and prepare your body and mind for the hectic lives we live? Take a personal vacation every day? Discover how to take time to discover a deeper inner self!
Learn how to move with purpose, warm and move your body slowly with intent.
• Learn how to breath, move, and meditate simultaneously.
• Practice meditation seated and standing.
• Know the internal power of Qi energy.
• The meaning of self cultivation.
QiGong has roots deeply seeded in Chinese health and marital arts traditions dating back as far as 5000-3000 BC. Qi Gong is steeped in Daoist tradition and Chinese culture and Lau Tze is said to have practiced this ancient art. This will not change or interfere with any spiritual path you may be on!
QiGong in itself has no martial application it is a deep part of Chinese Culture and Wellness it does have close ties to Chinese Kung Fu Tradition as well as Yoga. Brian practices largely from the Dao Dan Pai, and Tai Ji Ruler traditions.  The practitioner will soon feel how to manipulate the energy to develop freestyle of their own.
Wear comfortable, loose clothing. Wear low padded shoes, or socks. Bring a meditation pad, Zafu, Zabuton, or natural fiber blanket. Socks are OK.
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