Push The Moon- Qigong/Medical Qigong/Reiki/Yoga - Brian M. Dotson,  MQT, KRMT, RYT 200
brian in prayerBrian Dotson , Reiki Master, RYT-200, Karuna Reiki Master, EMT, QiGong Instructor, Ordained Minister (ULC)
Student Medical Qigong Practicioner
Scorpion yoga I am located in the South Everett, Wa. Area. I practice all my crafts in locations from Issaquah to Snohomish, Wa.
I have been a firefighter EMT for nearly30 years and have seen people in their worst moments. I also have 47 years of experience in personal childhood and adult recovery from adversity.  I have spent much time broken and physically and spiritually ill. I've always used Source Spirit to get me through. My station in life is to show you how I can help you!
BUT Those that make the greatest healers have experienced that which we can best serve. I have served as a healer, teacher, speaker and coach since.
In my carreer as a martial artist I developed more compassion and a sense of other's feelings. I began to meditate as a practice of Kung Fu and QiGong. My peace and sesitivity grew. I found my passion for teaching 1st aid and CPR extended into teaching everything I do.
I am an RYT 200 Registered Yoga Teacher, and since becoming a Reiki Master as well as a Karuna (tm) Reiki Master and interned as a teacher at the Fern Life Center. I now teach all levels of  Usui Reiki Ryoho
Currently I am a student of Medical Qi Gong Therapy at the International College of Medical QiGong.
Always hungering for new ways to help others, I am a perrinial student of the internal and wellness arts.
I have developed a great intuition for light, temperature, chakra color, aura, empathy, and medium connection.
I have become a light worker, using the gift of Reiki and my understanding of emotion and the human anatomy to truly help guide Source to help you relax and feel better about your body and about your life.
I am a trained Karuni Reiki master teacher. Karuna is a deep form of Reiki able to stimilate creativity, heal abuse past, heal on cellular levels, balance chakras, create harmony and balance of body, mind and spirit.
A perennial student of metaphysical healing arts Brian I also took a one year Apprenticeship with Sheila Baker for Shamanic Healing arts and Soul Retreaval.
I hope I can join you on your journey to wellness and joy!
reikihandsandsymbol-Currently a Medical Qigong Practitioner student at the International College of Medical QiGong.
-Trained in Ananda Style Hatha Yoga at the Ananda Institute of Living Yoga under Willow Kushler, Moreli Venitrenko,
Current training 200 hr level
-Served with Steve Coates teaching the disabled QiGong and TaiChi
-Brian has trained Levels I-Master at Fern Life Center, under Keesha Ewars Reiki Master
-Brian trained Karuna Reiki with William Lee Rand of International Center for Reiki Training
-Brian currently under Apprenticeship training for Shamanic work under Sheila Baker with Sheila Shamanweaver arts
- Brian is has completed the Intent Yoga Yoga Teacher Training intensve under Dennis Eagan (Protoge' of Rodney Yee) as a part of the 200 hr training program.
- Brian has studied Do Den Pai/ TaiJii Ruler Qi Gong under (Chau family tradition) Sifu Johan Sasynuik for 12 years.
- Brian trained for 10 years in TsunJo Wing Chun and holds rank as a brown sash in Xiong Jiang Wing Chun Kung Fu, Eskrima, and Ground Fighting under Sifu Johann Sasynuik   
- Brian has also trained at the AMC school for mixed martial arts under Director Matt Hume- Brian is retired from competing. Pancrase.
-Brian is a Reiki provider Reiki Master Teacher and intutitive healer at Fern Life Center in Issaquah
-Brian is a Reiki provider, intutitive healer and Reiki Instructor at Sky Valley Healing Arts center
-Brian is a Reiki provider and intutitive healer at Purity Integrative Wellness center
-Currently Teaches Yoga/ QiGong at Yoga Circle in Snohomish, Wa.
-Currently Teaches Yoga for Golds Gym, Kirkland and Woodinville
-Currently Teaches Yoga for Columbia Athletic Club Juanita Bay, Kirkland
-Currently Substitute Yoga Teacher for Vision Quest fitness centers- Greater Seattle
-Brian formerly taught at Intent Yoga Center as a senior instructor teaching Power Vinyasa, Yoga Flow and QiGong.
-Brian formerly at Tahoma Athletic club, Power Yoga and Heated Yoga.
-Brian teaches QiGong Seminars and teaches Usui Reiki at Fern Life Center in Issaquah.
-Private clients include members of Eastside Fire and Rescue
-Brian has also taught free classes at Lake Wilderness Park in Maple Valley in the spring time.
Yoga Alliance RYT 200
Ananda Teachers Association
International Center for Reiki Training
 -Usui Reiki Master
 -Karuna Reiki Master
National QiGong Association
Ordained Universal Life Church Minister
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